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From the desk of Steve Yakim



I'm glad you stopped by...

So let me ask you a couple of straight forward, simple questions while you're here...

Are you working online to make extra income or need replacement income?

If so, how is it working out for you?

Are you making money?

And if by some chance you're among those who are...

Are you spending more than you make usually?

In fact, are you losing a lot of money?

Believe me, not only have I personally been there, we must all wear the same shoe size too... because I think we've all been in your shoes at one time or another!

Recently, I did a survey...

The results were maddening and equally as sad.

People... marketers... good folks just like you, were on the verge of quitting, just giving up on making this online income dream come true.

I've listed many of the unsettling things I discovered, and many are...

"Burned out, tired, mislead, jaded, cynical and..."
"Unable to make money online and wonder if it's ever really possible..."
"Experiencing information overload meltdown and with very little good information at that..."
"Completely frustrated and unsure who to trust..."
"Generally discouraged and ready to pack it in..."

No doubt about it, most of these folks were dying for some kind of real help and not getting any at all... their wallets were getting thinner, not fatter...

After all, that IS what this is all about, right?

If any of this hits home or rings true for you, you need to know something. Listen carefully...

You CAN do this! And you can even make more than you ever imagined possible.

And you can do it without having to go through the rest of your savings, or the heartburn and heartaches...

And even if you are an absolute beginner, you can succeed with this incredibly potent formula.

Imagine yourself opening your eyes waking from a sound sleep in the morning, rolling over in bed and checking the alarm clock, which was not set to go off, to see that it's 10:00AM.

You're feeling fully refreshed... completely revitalized and not jumping out of your skin to throw the alarm clock across the room because the alarm didn't go off and jolt you awake like it used to... no, now you wake up when you wake up, because you're simply not tired anymore.

Next you leisurely stroll to your office and to your computer, a large cup of coffee in hand, and turn the computer on. After what seems for ever, it boots up, you check out your merchant account balances and they have received a huge blast of incoming payments, just since you went to bed.

You find Hundreds... maybe even thousands of dollars stuffing your account just waiting for you to spend however you see fit.

The rest of your day is yours to do as you please... maybe you throw in a couple hours of work (if you could call it that), and then you're off doing the things you love, mindful that you never have to worry about money again.

You are finally worry free and financially secure...

Does that sound like a wild fantasy? It's much better than a wild fantasy and can soon be a reality for you.

This is your chance to finally start making the kind of money you've only dreamed about...

What you learn here could literally take you from someone caught in the quicksand of useless information not making any income at all to becoming one of the next hard hitting success stories online. You will have the ability to literally begin profiting in a matter of minutes instead of years.

It does NOT matter if ...

You have no product of your own...
You don't have a website...
You have no name recognition...
You don't have a lot of money
You have no magical tech skills...

After my heart attack, medical complications and no job, I did not know if I would ever be able to support my family again. So I started my online presence as a newbie too.

Where I struggled making very little money online.

In fact, I became so frustrated early on that I nearly packed it in and gave up altogether.

That's right. I did not surrender to defeat and went from no-cash to earning a living online, because I stuck with it.

And the difference was one big mysterious secret that "struck me like a bolt of lightning" one day when I was listening to a lecturer at a marketing convention.

The secret is that it takes a SYSTEM!

That system is called a "Product Sales Funnel"

You can just promote a product here and there expecting to earn income. That may be your system, but that is a system to failure.

The "Magic Napkin" system is so simple that it can be written on an ordinary white paper napkin. But, it is so powerful, it works like magic. Thus the name "Magic Napkin"

This is what the "Magic Napkin" looks like...

The best part of the system is that it is all automatic and works by itself. Once the system is completed, it starts all over with another product. Everywhere you see a green dollar sign is an opportunity to make that much desired income.

So, as you can see there are multiple areas to create income.

The "Magic Napkin" system begins by getting as many people as possible to enter your sales funnel by giving away a high quality FREE product.

Once in the funnel they become prospects and are immediately taken to the main product sales letter.  If a purchase is made, the next stop for the new customer is the something called the "Up Sell".

An "Up Sell" is a product that goes hand in hand with the Free product and the product on the main sales letter. It is designed to enhance the results received from the first 2 products. Because of this, a big percentage of new customers also purchase the "Up Sell" product, which means more profits for you.

If a purchase is not made, the next stop for the prospect would be something called the "Down Sell".

A "Down Sell" is usually a scaled down version of the original product or a similar product where the price is less causing the prospect to see that it is a substantial deal and becomes a buyer. In this case you have changed a loss sale into new customer.

The final element of the "Magic Napkin" system is to use every part of the sales funnel including the FREE product, the main product, the "Up Sell" product as well as the "Down Sell" product to get people to join your membership site.

The membership is the best income stream online today. This is because you only need to make the sale one time and you keep earning income month after month as long as your customers remain active members.

When I started using this system, things suddenly started happening. I'd start getting a sale or 2 a day. I'd tweak and add new techniques into the mix, and then I'd get 4 sales a day, and then 8.

It was like popcorn. At first there was one pop then two pops and in a short time all you hear is pop, pop, pop, all the while I was constantly tweaking and improving, until I had a fully automated system that I could plug right in to siphon out cash anytime and anywhere I wanted to.

In just a few short months I was able to pay all my bills again with a bunch of extra cash.

What you really want, is a solid automated system I developed to help you break through all the information overload and "mind-clutter" you face every day, and...

Because I have put this system together for you by doing all the work, all you need to do is set the system in motion and the rest is all automated.

This easy to use and understand system will guide you straight through all that information and clutter to the simplest money making system! You want something that actually works!

Most importantly, you want to have a real online business that has the potential to make you a lot of money online, You know, paying all your bills! That's why, you don't want to miss a single word of this letter because it's not your usual stuff...

"Instant Profit Share" is EXACTLY what you need to easily transform you into an online wizard, capable of creating cash out of thin air, and completely on command.

This intense and enlightening program is the culmination of my years of hard work, and thousands upon thousands of dollars in research and testing.

It has been engineered to quickly and easily transform you into a lean, mean, money making machine, and is a complete automated system that you can replicate over and over again for a life time of mind boggling profits.

"Instant Profit Share" is designed so that any marketer can participate regardless of current financial situation or experience level.

Brand new technology that has taken over 5 years and thousands and thousands of dollars to develop makes all of the following possible for you...

Ready to promote websites. You can start selling these products within seconds of your membership registration because the work is already done for you.
Each website is a complete sales funnel including squeeze page, sales letter, up sell and down sell making it possible to build your list while maximizing your income.
Each website is branded with your name to make you the expert. The sales letters have been completely edited so it looks like your website and includes all the legal disclaimers for your protection.
All websites pay 100% instant commissions directly into your PayPal account. When visitors click the order link they are immediately taken to your PayPal account and you keep all the money.

To make it perfectly clear, you receive 100% instant commissions on the main product, up sell product and down sell product.

Each main product starts with a default price that you can increase or lower with just a click of your mouse. This is just like having your own website without all the work involved.

When you change the price, the change instantly shows up on the sales letter and when people go to PayPal to purchase, they pay the new price.

Each website has a built in list building element that helps you build your list automatically. Since the list building elements are automatically on each website, you do not have to worry about list building because it is automatic.
The list is built in your own autoresponder automatically. You set your autoresponder up one time and it keeps building your list every day.

A half hour of preparation to add the eCourse lessons, which we supply, to your autoresponder will continue to make your list and bank account grow day after day.

There is a ready made squeeze page for each main product that you can connect to your autoresponder in just 5 minutes or less.
The free products that are given away from the squeeze pages are automatically branded with your affiliate links to other instant commission products.
You can turn any product sales letter into a One-Time-Offer (OTO) with just a couple clicks of your mouse. Now you can add a double up sell to any of your own similar products or resell rights products maximizing your profit potential.
There is a complete database search tool, which makes it very easy to isolate the exact products you are looking for. You're not forced to search manually through all the products to find the ones you need.
We create all the download pages and deliver the products for you so you do not have to worry whether your customer receives the product.
You can also download the products for your own use.
Brand new products will be added every week. We search the web every day looking for the hottest new products and add them to "Instant Profit Share" so you can earn 100% commissions for every product you sell.
We host everything and get everything ready for you, so you can get right to the money making part.
We help you cross promote other instant commission products for you on download pages and the FREE PDFs your subscribers download from your squeeze pages.
We have simplified every aspect of the product management for you so you can finally get to the marketing and never have to worry about the product again.

It's just that simple!

"Instant Profit Share" does everything for you. This is truly a  very real "Done For You" website every month that contains 5 separate products in your sales funnel. Lets take a look at the products you will be able to promote and receive instant commissions...

Free Product - Each product has its own squeeze page designed to build YOUR list. It just takes 5 minutes to connect your autoresponder to the squeeze page and copy and paste the welcome email message, which contains the link to the free product you are giving away.

The Free product is designed to promote the main product and recommend other resources that are related to the topic of the free product. All the links in the free product are automatically branded with your affiliate links.

Only about 5 minutes of work required on your part is to be able to copy and paste to connect your autoresponder to the squeeze page.

Main Product - The main product can be accessed from the squeeze page after collecting the prospects name and email address in your autoresponder.

Or, you can send traffic directly to the main product with your own special link. The main product sales letter is on the same subject matter as the squeeze page and is branded with your name making you the expert.

The main product will range in price from $10 to $70, which you can change with a click of your mouse. You receive 100% of the purchase price paid directly into your PayPal at the time of purchase. (Minus the usual PayPal fees)

And we deliver the product for you. Other free and paid products will be advertised with your links on the download page.

Up Sell Product - The up sell product will go hand and hand with the main product giving the buyer more information and value and can add an additional $10 to $30 of profit added directly to your PayPal account.

The up sell product can be in many different forms. It could give the buyer of the main product master resell rights so the buyer can resell the product.

It could add new advanced elements such as videos, strategies and tactics that the main product does not contain.

We try to make the up sell the natural next step and improvement to the main product so the buyer will want the up sell to make his purchase complete.

And we deliver the product for you. Other free and paid products will be advertised with your links on the download page.

Down Sell Product -
Membership Product -

Just think, if you could combine the benefits of Affiliate Marketing...


Don't have to worry about creating your own products.
There is no hosting required.
You don't have to worry about product delivery.
You don't have to worry about the head aches that come with product support.

...and all the benefits of having your own products...


All the products are branded with your name.
You get 100% of the profits paid instantly and directly into your PayPal account. NO waiting to receive your money!
You are in control of the prices of the main products.
You can easily build your list because the squeeze pages and free products are already branded with your name.
You can do list building joint ventures that will bring traffic to your product websites.
Build your own affiliate army that will provide consistent traffic to your product websites.
And much, much more!

"Instant Profit Share" is the only place you can get everything listed above at such a low price. To tell you the truth, it's cheaper than what you would pay for just hosting.

Just today, I saw an offer to create 3 product websites for one low price of $97. And you don't get all the benefits that "Instant Profit Share" has to offer.

If you think you can outsource everything, I just saw were a well known marketer was charging $425.00 to add just 10 ClickBank products to a server and was only taking on 25 clients.

I just saw were another Guru was selling resell rights to just 3 of his products again the price was $425.00 and guess what...

They had to pay extra for installation of the products on their server...


Let's stop talking about what other people are paying to get access to ready to promote products because they can't compare to the products you get at "Instant Profit Share".

Every product here at "Instant Profit Share" is a complete system, which is really 4 products in one. Because you get the Squeeze Page and Free product, Main product, Down Sell product and the Up Sell product.

In addition to that they all cross promote this membership site where you earn income month after month as long as your sponsored members remain active.

I don't want to forget the eCourse that also helps build your list and promotes membership at "Instant Profit Share" that you can give away as well is included in every FREE product you give away.  Remember, all this stuff is branded with your affiliate links so you can make the money paid instantly into your PayPal account.

The work is all done for you and all that is required from you is to promote your websites and use the tools we supply to make your promotion easier.

Plus there is a way to get it all FREE!

All you need to do is sponsor just 2 people to "Instant Profit Share" and your membership is paid for because these 2 people will be paying for your membership month after month.

It would be hard to imagine that you can't see that this offer is a "NO BRAINER"!

I have to tell you that this is a lot of work on our part to build these complete sales funnels systems and give it away for this measly low price of $37.00. That is why I have to warn you that this is an introductory price and the price will be going up.

So, don't hesitate and take action NOW!

"Instant Profit Share" is the only site online that promises to do all of the technical work for you and teaches you many different ways to promote your websites making it possible for you  to earn while you learn.

You will receive a complete business in a box every month and you can start for an investment of only $1.00. 

That's no mistake... ONLY One Dollar!

We will give you a 7 - Day Trial Membership for only $1.  After the end of seven days you will automatically be billed $37.00 if you have not cancelled your subscription before the end of the 7 - Day Trial Membership.

As an extra Bonus, after successfully completing your 7 - Day Trial Membership, You will receive a second new product sales funnel that you can begin promoting and earning income from immediately.

That means you will receive 2 complete businesses in your first month's membership for the cost of your first month's membership.


Take Your 7-Day $1 Trial Now!

Join Now While Memberships
Are Still Available...

YES! Steve, I'm definitely not going to miss my chance to subscribe to Instant Profit Share !

Click Here for an instant access to this business system.

Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to the Member's Area where you will be able to start preparing for you marketing campaign for your first product.

It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 am in the morning!

You will be able to start learning and earning from this breakthrough Business Model within just a few minutes...

I understand that after 7 Days, I will be billed only $37.00 every 30 days and that I may cancel my subscription at anytime, for any reason.

Order Online By Safe, Secure Server

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* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


Best Regards,

Steve Yakim





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